Over 1500 ideas submitted by healthcare professionals.

SHIL works with a variety of healthcare professionals and has successfully developed and commercialised a range of products and technologies to help improve patient care.

  • Prism Glasses™

    Class I medical device that incorporates mirror therapy to treat chronic pain such as Phantom Limb Pain Download PDF
  • Rhinopinch® Nasal Clip

    A lightweight adjustable plastic nasal clip designed to staunch nosebleeds Download PDF
  • IGRADING™ Platform

    CE-accredited innovation that can help reduce the risk of blindness by detecting early incidences of diabetic retinopathy Download PDF
  • U-NET® Groin Wound Dressing

    Supports and holds surgical dressings in place in the perineal, scrotal, coccygeal, anal or vulval area of the patient Download PDF
  • UNIDENT™ Dental Step Wedge

    A radiographic test tool that establishes the appropriate x-ray exposure level for adult and paediatric dental examinations Download PDF
  • Ambulance Child Restraint

    Adjustable system for the safe handling of young patients being transported in ambulances Download PDF

    The Adult SCRAM is an Emergency Airway bag that promotes safe and timely delivery of pre-hospital emergency anesthesia Download PDF